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10/16/18 6:00am


Well, you are over 35 years old and you think you are over the hill. You feel that your old fun-filled baseball games that you played as a child are part of your past. Not so fast!! If you live on Shelter Island, you still have the fun of the Old Timers softball game held every fall.

Yes, this was the game started back in 1973 by two fun community minded guys, Ben Jones and Jack Cahill. Jack backed his bar and restaurant, the old Harbor Inn, and Ben fought for The Dory. Fun was the name of the game back then and if last Sunday was any indication, it looks like things have not changed today.

Of course, they don’t have anyone like Frank Klenawicus today. People remember him dressing like a woman and he’d be a catcher behind home plate. In this high pitch game of softball, the pitcher will occasionally pitch a grapefruit instead of a ball. Too bad no batter fell for it because nothing is funnier than seeing them hit a grapefruit. (more…)