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12/19/18 10:00am

John Hallman got approval from the Town Board to bore holes at Goat Hill to determine the best place to site a new well for the West Neck Water District.

A need for a new well on town-owned land at Goat Hill prompted John Hallman to ask the Town Board for permission to bore three or four holes at the site to determine the best placement. (more…)

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12/12/18 10:00am

REPORTER FILE PHOTO A deer feeding at a 4-poster stand. brushing against a post treated with a chemical, permethrin, that kills ticks.

Should the Deer & Tick Committee stick to its plans for 2019 or make adjustments during the year? (more…)

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12/05/18 8:00am


Local officials are awaiting  a review of a plan Town Engineer John Cronin submitted to the Suffolk County Bureau of Drinking Water to deal with the discovery of high nitrate levels that make drinking water at Shelter Island Presbyterian Church dangerous.


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11/28/18 10:00am

The Community Housing Board held a “Builders Roundtable” at Town Hall Monday evening, with Chairwoman Mary-Faith Westervelt, center. At left, builders Jim Olinkiewicz and Chris Fokine.

Town Hall was packed on Tuesday evening with Islanders from all walks of life assembled to listen to what was billed as the Community Housing Board’s “Builders Roundtable.” (more…)

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11/26/18 10:00am

Shelter Island Town’s Senior Nutrition Program is in jeopardy because of high nitrate levels in the drinking water at the Presbyterian Church where the program serves meals twice a week. (more…)