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09/24/19 4:30pm

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After two days of reviewing budget requests from town department and committee chairs, and many more sessions to go, what started out as a 15.7% budget increase is now down to 15.2%. But that’s well above the 5% to 6% the Town Board thinks will fly with taxpayers. (more…)

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11/13/18 12:00pm


Town Animal Control Officer Beau Payne told the November 8 meeting of the Deer & Tick Committee there are plans that would enable homeowners to burn sections of their property for tick control. (more…)

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07/03/17 12:00pm
JULIE LANE PHOTO | Councilman Jim Colligan.

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Councilman Jim Colligan.

There are strong disagreements among members of one of the most essential town committees to the point that an elected official says there’s a risk of “losing the committee,” as in the body closing down.

Arguments over a planned survey of town residents conducted by the Deer & Tick Committee is the flash point for the dissension.

“We’ve come to a crossroads here,” said Councilman Jim Colligan, who worries about the future of the committee. (more…)

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01/19/16 8:00am

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Patricia Shillingburg

It was a sad week on Shelter Island with the loss two of its finest, most active residents.

In the wake of the passing of Ben Jones on Thursday January 14, word came that Patricia Shillingburg, author and historian, had died early that morning as well. (more…)