05/15/19 12:00pm

Whoa! A scene from a past Shelter Island Dodgeball Tournament.

You’ve seen the movie, you’ve played the game, and perhaps you’ve even nursed the wounds. Now it’s time to get back out onto the court and work through all those unresolved playground issues. (more…)

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03/04/19 12:00pm

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO Councilman Paul Shepherd at the March 1 Town Board meeting.

Something unprecedented happened at the March 1 Town Board meeting, at least in the memory of Town Clerk Dorothy Ogar, who has served in that office for more than 40 years. (more…)

02/15/19 10:00am

President of the Board of Directors of the Shelter Island Early Childhood Learning Center Kelly Surerus appealed to the Town Board Tuesday for help in funding the preschool.

It won’t be official until the Town Board votes at its March 1 meeting, but members unanimously agreed at Wednesday’s work session to allot $10,000 from the town’s contingency fund to support the Shelter Island Early Childhood Learning Center. (more…)

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10/26/18 8:00am


Fresh Pond concerns
To the Editor:
I’ve been out of town, but some friends pointed out the October 4 Reporter letter sent by Vincent Novak. (more…)