06/15/19 11:00am

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Now that Shelter Island has an international reputation as “an exclusive Hamptons island” with “extremely picky locals,” Codger thinks it’s time to seize the narrative before Fox does it for us with even more spin and fake news. (Those quotes appeared in Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post and News Corp Australia online.)

According to the Foxification, picked up by Vanity Fair, the recent divisiveness on Shelter Island turns out not to be about short-term rentals (STRs), sewage or deer management, but about an HBO shoot.

03/29/19 10:00am


When I heard that location scouts have been casing Shelter Island as a possible filming venue, I figured casting professionals were not far behind. So I went straight to the pharmacy lunch counter, because everyone knows that’s where you go to be discovered. (more…)

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03/07/19 4:30pm


The beautiful and famous could be heading to Shelter Island for a film shoot in May if — and it’s a big if — the Town Board can work out logistics.

HBO has put in a request to shoot here for three nights in May for a limited series called “The Undoing,” starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. (more…)