05/01/17 2:00pm
GRANT PARPAN PHOTO Lee Zeldin meeting residents on

GRANT PARPAN PHOTO Congressman Lee Zeldin, left, meeting residents on April 27.

Grades for Zeldin’s ‘town hall’

Town halls are often fiery forums where members of the public express concerns to their elected officials, who find themselves having to defend policy positions that are unpopular with many in the room.

Anyone who’s attended such an event in the 1st Congressional District — whether it was Sunday’s community forum with Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) in Northampton (“Zeldin and constituents spar at forum,” April 27) or one of the 2009 town hall events featuring his predecessor, Tim Bishop — would expect it to be confrontational. (more…)

12/30/16 8:00am
JULIE LANE PHOTO Former Congressman Tim Bishop has returned to academia.

Former Congressman Tim Bishop has returned to academia.

Higher education had its highs and lows in Suffolk County in 2016.  (more…)

10/21/16 12:00pm
Anna Throne-Holst

Anna Throne-Holst

When Congressman Lee Zeldin challenged his Democratic predecessor, Tim Bishop, in 2014, he ran a campaign promising to be on the frontline of issues facing Congress.

He criticized Mr. Bishop for being a “back-bencher” who rarely sponsored his own legislation and kept a low profile on the national stage — particularly for someone with 12 years’ experience on Capitol Hill. (more…)

09/11/16 8:00am
 FILE PHOTO | Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley)

FILE PHOTO | Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley)

Will what is being called the “Trump Factor” — a negative view of the Republican candidate for president that could affect GOP candidates down the ballot — impact Congressman Lee Zeldin’s (R-Shirley) reelection bid? (more…)