09/05/12 2:00pm

PETER BOODY PHOTO | Towny Montant on Friday at the Town Board meeting receives a plaque proclaiming September 15 Real Men Wear Pink Day and honoring him and his late wife Teresa’s efforts to fight breast cancer.

The Town Board on Friday proclaimed Saturday, September 15 “Real Men Wear Pink” day, when all Island men are encouraged to convene at Crescent Beach at 5 p.m. wearing pink to show support for breast cancer research and patients fighting the illness.

In its proclamation, the board praised the late Teresa Montant, who died soon after last year’s “Real Men Wear Pink” day, for her work alerting women to the dangers of dense breast tissue, which can make mammograms useless in detecting cancer.

The board also praised her husband Towny, who has carried on her work fighting for state legislation to require medical professionals to advise when if they have dense breasts that further testing may be required in their cases. Such a law was enacted this year.