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03/26/19 10:00am

John Stephen Doherty

Steve Doherty passed away on March 15, 2019 at age 94.

Born in Manhattan on November 17, 1924 and raised in Queens, Steve served in World War II and the Korean War. He graduated with a Masters in Playwriting from Yale University on the GI Bill.

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07/03/18 8:00am
AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO A 'bike route' but no 'bike lanes.'

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO A ‘bike route’ without ‘bike lanes.’

When summer ends, many riding on two or four wheels around Shelter Island breathe a little easier that no one has been killed or seriously injured on Route 114. And just as many travelling that stretch of state road from North to South ferries can recall some close calls. (more…)

06/29/18 2:00pm
JULIE LANE PHOTO Chase Bank on North Ferry Road.

JULIE LANE PHOTO Chase Bank on North Ferry Road.

When the Reporter broke the story two weeks ago that Chase Bank was going to shutter its branch on North Ferry Road in the Center, it seemed like another example of a corporate giant so wedded to its bottom line that it forgot one of the pillars of its existence is not just charging people money but serving them. (more…)

06/09/17 4:30pm
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | Happy bargain hunters at the Chequit Inn tag sale Saturday. More than $6,000 was raised to benefit the Tot Lot.

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO | Happiness at a tag sale.

It’s yard sale season on Shelter Island. Spare me that tired line about paying good money for someone else’s junk. And I scoff at your environmental piety when you say, “It’s good to recycle old things.” And as for yard sales being the best way to find a bargain? Ridiculous.

Everyone knows that an Island yard sale is entertainment. (more…)