08/20/17 11:00am


One element in an issue I got involved with more than 30 years ago — the use of nuclear power in space — will come to a climax next month. That’s when the Cassini space probe carrying more plutonium than ever used on a space device will be sent on a crash course into Saturn by NASA. (more…)

08/12/17 3:00pm


There have been visits by U.S. presidents to Suffolk County through the years, starting with the first, George Washington, who stayed at Sagtikos Manor in 1790. In recent decades, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were here.

But no appearance of a president in Suffolk came close to sparking controversy here and around the nation as Donald Trump’s visit two weeks ago. (more…)

07/23/17 8:00am
REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Farmers at work at Sylvester Manor. Executive Director Cara Loriz addressed the Irrigation Committee on the Manor farm's methods.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Farmers at work at Sylvester Manor.

“America has been losing over 40 acres of farmland every hour to development,” said the letter I recently received from the American Farmland Trust. “This land — the most fertile soil in the world — is irreplaceable and urgently needed to grow food. It’s a national disgrace on a catastrophic scale.”

With the letter was an American Farmland Trust bumper sticker: “No Farms No Food.” (more…)