08/14/19 4:30pm


Young naturalists will enjoy “Turtle Time” on Friday, Aug. 16, from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

How do turtles prepare for fall and winter? We’ll discover their surprising methods and discuss the variety of turtles and their habitat. Children will create their own unique shell with crayons and poster board to wear on their backs. Ages 4 and up. 631-749-1001. (more…)

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08/14/19 2:00pm

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The Deer & Tick Committee won’t be recommending changes in its priorities when it comes to budgeting for 2020, putting considerably more money into supporting its 4-poster program than culling efforts. But it’s contemplating asking for about $5,000 more for culling than it sought in the current year’s budget. (more…)

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08/14/19 10:00am

Courtesy Photo Some property owners will soon be filing paper work with the town.

The Town Board is working to bring into compliance an undisclosed number of projects that were completed without receiving certificates of occupancy (CO). (more…)

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08/13/19 12:00pm

Knowing when to hold ‘em. Around the weekly Senior Center’s poker table, from left, Henrietta Roberts, Andy Holm, Ed Mangiarotti, Alfred Roberts, John Babinski and Bob Springsteen.

Dealers choice. A $2 buy-in. One man stares over his cards across the table, a faded U.S. Navy tattoo on his weathered forearm.

One rule to live a successful life is never to play cards with a man named “Doc.” It might also include never playing with an old timer with a steely stare and a military tattoo named John Babinski. (more…)