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REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Islander Amanda Clark, left and Sarah Lihan   during a training session ahead of the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Islander Amanda Clark, left and Sarah Lihan during a training session ahead of the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

Every four years the Summer Olympics gives me license to dream.

As I watch swimmer Michael Phelps, shaped like a garden trowel with flippers for feet, win another gold medal in the 200-meter butterfly, I imagine myself slicing through the water like an eel. And when the bouncy, sparkly nymph Simone Biles flies through her floor exercise like Tinkerbell, I think back to my high school gymnastics class, in which I once executed a forward roll on the balance beam flanked by my classmates who pushed me back onto the beam as I rolled heavily off. (more…)

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Taking responsibility
To the Editor:
I own a house in a community of half acre lots in which two houses have been built and rented out to at least four families at a time for as little as a night, a weekend or a week. There are often six cars in the driveway or on the street. My understanding is that the property owner has approached a third person to buy another lot between the other two. (more…)

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Peter Needham, coach of the Shelter Island School sailing team, reports that “the sailors have been enjoying the unusually balmy weather. Amanda Clark has been coaching them with drills that will prepare them for future regattas. In the picture above, are Katie Doyle on the left and Holly Ross on the right. They are just completing a roll tack, where they purposely roll the boat over a bit and then snap it back upright as they come about to get a little boost from fanning the sails.”

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PETER BOODY PHOTO | U.S sailing champion Amanda Clark, a shoo in for first-ballot honors in the Shelter Island School Athletic Hall of Fame,seen here making a stop at North Ferry on the way home from the London Olympics.

Got a favorite athlete, coach, athletic administrator or honorary member you want to see inducted into the new Shelter Island School Athletic Hall of Fame? Nomination forms are available on the school’s website or from the school office and need to be completed and submitted as soon as possible, Superintendent Michael Hynes said.

After announcing the formation of the Hall and seeking nominations last month, the silence has been deafening, said Dr. Hynes last week, and so the school is sending out the call again.

Athletes must have graduated from the school at least 10 years ago and must have earned significant recognition at the varsity level and or gained recognition in individual or team sports after their high school careers.

Coaches and athletic administrators must have retired from the school at least three years ago and must have held their posts at the school for at least five years and made significant contributions to the overall athletic program during their tenure. Additional consideration will be given to those who have contributed significantly to Section XI/Suffolk and/or New York State athletics.

Honorary Members are those who have made outstanding contributions to the Shelter Island Community, but don’t qualify in either of the first two categories, but have been significant role models to student athletes.

Teams that have been league or classification, county, regional  or state champions and won other team awards will also be considered for inclusion in the Athletic Hall of Fame.

Additional criteria that would further enhance an individual or team consideration include, outstanding leadership, scholastic achievements.

Nomination form are available at the district office or on the school website at http://www.edline.net/pages/Shelter_Island_UFSD.

The location of the school’s new Athletic Hall of Fame will be in the hallway just outside the school’s gymnasium.
Anyone with information or memorabilia about potential nominees should also notify Dr. Hynes at Shelter Island Schools, c/o Athletic Hall of Fame, P.O. Box 2015C, Shelter Island, N.Y. 11964.