03/27/15 10:00am


We all know that Florida is very friendly toward senior citizens. I believe that seniors make up the bulk of the population here, and many live in over-55 communities.

I am visiting a friend in such a place. Most of the residents hail from the Northeast and Canada. Youngsters are not permitted to visit for more than a few weeks a year. These settlements all have pools, clubhouses and governing bodies. They publish newsletters and have numerous activities including trips, dances and lectures. (more…)

09/15/14 12:00pm
HERMAN KNOCHE PHOTO | Alice Eastwood in 1927.

Alice Eastwood in 1927.

Alice Eastwood was a plantsman.

She was born in 1859 in Toronto, Canada. Her mother died when she was six and she was cared for in a convent for most of her childhood. In 1873, at the age of 14, she moved with her remaining family members to the United States. (more…)