03/18/18 3:00pm
The odoriferous stink bug. (Stock image).

Ode to the odoriferous stink bug. (Stock image).

When I mention this to people, everyone seems to have a stink bug story but not really a solution for getting rid of them. Maybe we need professional help with these armored creatures.

I first heard of them when I was supervising a study hall  on a warm May evening some 15 years ago. A student squished one with his foot and a very offensive acrid odor filled the room. A good way to disrupt a study hall — which was his intent.  (more…)

03/08/18 10:00am




Tai Chi classes, for senior citizens. 11 a.m. to noon, Senior Center. Classes meet Thursdays through April 26. Free. Register by calling the Senior Center at (631) 749-1059 or the instructor at (631) 853-6472.

“Equal Means Equal,” a screening of a documentary about women’s rights and the Equal Rights Amendment. 7 p.m., Shelter Island Library. Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Shelter Island. (631) 749-0042. (more…)

03/08/18 8:00am
STOCK PHOTO | A relaxing beach in Florida.

STOCK PHOTO | A  beach in Florida.

I wrote recently about my February road trip to points south. There were stops along the way, but a good portion of time was spent in southwest Florida. The weather was absolutely perfect as far as I was concerned even though some of the Floridians I met were complaining about the “winter heat wave” they were enduring. I had no problem with it.

My trip lasted some three weeks. I arrived back on the Island last Saturday. (more…)

03/04/18 11:00am


Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? I didn’t until Laurie Fanelli told me.

And it could be some other kind of month as well. Just like February was National Heart Month along with being Black History Month.

But I’ll concentrate on nutrition for the time being.   (more…)

02/19/18 10:00am
COURTESY PHOTO | Barbara Silverstone

COURTESY PHOTO | Barbara Silverstone

“I believe in turnover of leadership,” Barbara Silverstone told me in an interview last week.

Barbara, the Senior Citizen Foundation’s president, took over leadership of the benevolent organization just two years ago and plans to step down from the helm at the group’s April meeting.  (more…)