04/22/17 8:00am
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Codger at home with Crone (Lois B. Morris) and Cur (Milo) at their West Neck Road home.

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO | Codger at home with Crone (Lois B. Morris) and Cur (Milo) 0n West Neck Road.

After that last Rant-A-Palooza at the school auditorium, Codger began to rethink the short-term rental (STR) issue. He had written here that STRs should be allowed if coupled with strict quality of life regulations. A code enforcer would log violations and levy fines.

But after observing the flabby enforcement of the three-minute rule for speeches at the hearing, Codger lost confidence in town officials implementing their own rules. (more…)

05/09/15 8:00am
James Bornemeier

James Bornemeier

Z: The music is on and I cannot resist. Family members are on the perimeter of the living room. The floor is mine. I must dance. And I start whirling and turning and waving my arms in a sinuous fashion, much to the approval of the onlookers. I get abundant applause for my better moves, and particularly when I lip-sync some of the more dramatic lyrics. I shrug and look crestfallen when the music calls for such emoting. When the song ends I evoke Callas at her most tragic. Then the next song begins, a kind of calypso number, and I’m back at it, throwing in some new jukes that are met with murmurs of praise. I’m not sure I have ever been this good before. I am the music. The music is me. (more…)