Town Hall workers redo town emblem

DANIELLE LICAUSI PHOTO | A new edition of the town seal that Sharon Jacobs, Dorothy Ogar, Danielle LiCausi and Councilman Peter Reich created earlier this year. It hangs in the Town Hall board room.

Mutual dissatisfaction brought a group of town employees together, not just to complain but to make a positive change.

That’s how Clerk to the Committees Danielle LiCausi put it this week when she described the process that resulted in a new version of the town emblem. It was unveiled in July at a Town Board work session but the account of its creation that appeared in the Reporter at the time contained some inaccuracies, according to Ms. LiCausi and others involved in the project.

As Ms. LiCausi explained it, the town employees were all in agreement that the unofficial town seal mounted on a frame in the Town Hall meeting room was “just not a good representation of our beautiful town.”

Councilman Peter Reich, the organizer, got the ball rolling by recruiting an ad hoc volunteer group consisting of Town Clerk Dorothy Ogar, Deputy Town Clerk Sharon Jacobs and Ms. LiCausi.

Ms. Ogar and Ms. Jacobs searched the files for town seal sketches dating back to the 1930s. Mr. Reich purchased the materials and advised on, and executed, the technical elements. The group met several times to review the sketches and choose the various elements — something like picking one from Column A and one from Column B, Ms. LiCausi said. She made several sketches incorporating the various chosen elements into one design and the group agreed on a final sketch.

Mr. Reich delivered the poster-board to Ms. LiCausi’s home, where she went to work on painting the new seal. Midway through the process the group made a field trip to critique and revise the final seal. Ms. Jacobs’ voice prevailed, according to Ms. LiCausi, and the final touches were made.

Upon completion of the painting, Mr. Reich took the final product back to Town Hall, where he designed and constructed the gold- toned frame and mounted the seal to the wall.

“Each member generously shared their unique talents and, working as a team, they created a new town seal that is now proudly displayed in Town Hall,” Ms. LiCausi wrote.