Ladies Bowling: Corrine cruises to Bowler of the Week honors

With only six weeks to go, things are close at the top of the leader board.

On Sunday night, we had the first-place team, Brick Laying Babes, playing the third-place team, Spares R Us.

Game one was all about Spares R Us with Mama P. leading the way and rolling 44 pins over average. Gretel Smith helped out with a nice game of 154, which was 35 over average. That gave the team a 100-plus pin win.

In game two, Ellie Labrozzi of Spares R Us got hot, rolling four strikes in a row to end her game, getting a 193. But the Brick Layers relied on the sisters Lisa Goody, 29 over, and Laura Marcello, 8 over, to eke out a two-pin win.

Gretel was over average by 19 in game three but that wasn’t enough as the Brick Laying Babes won another and held on to their overall lead.

Spares R Us 5, Brick Laying Babes 6.

On Monday, the second-place Fabulous Five took on the fifth-place team, Paint by Numbers.

Paint by Numbers’ Donna Clark led the way in game one. She was 20 over average and her team won by 10.

Game two was a lot more exciting with lots of coloring. For the Fab Five, Essie Simovich rolled 14 over, Donna Cass 20 over and Audrey Marshall 16 over. Paint by Numbers also had three bowlers over average — Donna, 26 over; Ginny Gibbs, 2 over; and an awesome 194 by Linda Springer, 52 over. Linda had only one open frame — so close to 200 — but she did secure the 31-pin win for the PBNs.

The third game had three bowlers for the Fab Five going over average again. This time Essie was 20 over, Donna 12 over and Jackie Brewer 6 over. The PBN must  have been tired as they fell by more than 50.

At the end of the night, second-place Fab Five got 4 points and the “moving up” PBNs 7.

The last match-up of the week was the cellar dwellers — my Guttersnipes versus the Rockettes.

In game one, the two representatives for the Rockettes, Ashley Knight and Corrine Mitchell, were both over average — Ashley by 12 and Corrine by 32. This gave them a 21-pin win over the Snipes.

Mary Ellen Gran of the Snipes had a nice second game. She went 30 pins over average and picked up five strikes along the way. She also led the Snipes to a 35-pin victory.

Everyone bowled over average in game three. For the Rockettes, Ashley was 29 over and Corrine was 32 over again. The Snipes’ Cathy Driscoll was 12 over, Mary Ellen 7 over, Jan Warner 14 over and Sue Warner 15 over. My Snipes pulled off the win by 6 pins.

But Corrine had a night worthy of Bowler of the Week honors. She was 55 pins over average and had a handicap series of 571. Nice going!

Guttersnipes 8, Rockettes 3

Week 22 Team Standings

Team Won Lost

Brick Laying Babes 135 74

Fabulous Five 122 87

Spares R Us 121 88

Odd Balls 111 87

Paint by Numbers 103 106

Guttersnipes 93 116

Rockettes 41 168