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10/14/19 4:15pm

Jubilant Varsity Girls Volleyball Team following the sweep of games against Babylon are (front from left) Amelia Reiter, Audrey Wood, Amelia Clark and Coach Cindy Belt and (back from left) Jennifer Lupo, Dayla Reyes, Maria Carbajal, Abby Kotula, Lyng Coyne (partially obscured), Valeria Reyes and Jane  

Shelter Island Volleyball is already more than halfway through its season, and things will go very quickly from here. The teams are doing well, with JV sporting an impressive 7-2 record, and varsity with its best record in 3 seasons, at 4-5, and on the cusp of making playoffs. (more…)

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10/01/19 10:00am

The Shelter Island volleyball team. Front row, from left, Jennifer Lupo, Maria Carbajal, Lyng Coyne and Abby Kotula. Rear, from left, Amelia Clark, Lauren Gurney, Amelia Reiter, Audrey Wood, Jane Richards, Dayla Reyes, Valeria Reyes and Coach Cindy Belt.

With three league matches in five days, hard on the heels of a tournament, the Shelter Island volleyball team has been on fast forward. It was also a very successful week. (more…)

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09/23/19 4:00pm

Members of the Shelter Island volleyball team greeting the dawn on a ferry travelling to the Bayport Blue Point tournament.

On Saturday, Sept. 21, Shelter Island volleyball got up early to take part in the Bayport Blue Point varsity tournament. Eleven players boarded an early ferry, admired the sunrise, and set their sights on playing well, having fun and working hard.

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09/11/19 12:00pm


It’s the fall sports season, and the Shelter Island gym is alive with the squeak of sneakers and the smack of volleyballs being served and hit. (more…)