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08/13/19 12:00pm

Knowing when to hold ‘em. Around the weekly Senior Center’s poker table, from left, Henrietta Roberts, Andy Holm, Ed Mangiarotti, Alfred Roberts, John Babinski and Bob Springsteen.

Dealers choice. A $2 buy-in. One man stares over his cards across the table, a faded U.S. Navy tattoo on his weathered forearm.

One rule to live a successful life is never to play cards with a man named “Doc.” It might also include never playing with an old timer with a steely stare and a military tattoo named John Babinski. (more…)

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08/12/19 4:30pm

Shelter Island Fire Department volunteers preparing to enter the front door of 13 Brander Parkway Aug. 8, training for an actual emergency.

Neighbors gathered around the house and stared as smoke billowed from 13 Brander Parkway Thursday afternoon.

Members of the Shelter Island Fire Department, in full fire-fighting gear, were breaking the windows and preparing to storm through the front door.

08/09/19 12:00pm

Teph Huot (left) and Auggie Armstrong spent part of their time at the Shelter Island Historical Society’s Time Travelers program in arts and crafts making masks.


On a hot August day, a group of children move and shake to jazz tunes from another era. An excited boy plays with a rolling hoop over dry summer grass. (more…)

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08/07/19 12:00pm

Traffic Control Officer Taylor Rando, on the job on Grand Avenue.

Jared Hamilton, Taylor Rando and Robert Hitscherich are this summer’s Shelter Island Police Department’s Traffic Control Officers (TCOs).

07/30/19 4:30pm

Touchdown? No, but something good (we think) has just happened during the charity cricket match at the Island Boatyard on July 27.

When a ball’s thrown at you, you hit it. When it’s hit at you, you catch it.

That was the extent of my cricket knowledge. Nevertheless, I went out to play at the invitation of The Shelter Island Cricket Club in their annual cricket match and fundraiser for the Ambulance Foundation on Saturday, July 27. (more…)