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Joe Werkmeister

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08/28/19 10:00am

JOE WERKMEISTER PHOTO Prudence, resting comfortably in Greenport.

Since mid-summer, the unmistakable wooden vessel Prudence has gotten more than a few curious glances in Greenport. The 64-foot boat, which harkens back to the early 20th century, was hauled out in July and remains propped up at Greenport Yacht Yard. (more…)

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04/30/19 8:00am

COURTESY PHOTO Sea Tow I pictured in 1985.

For their most challenging salvage jobs, the crews at Sea Tow Eastern Long Island turn to their oldest, most trusted boat: Sea Tow I.

More than three decades after first entering the water, the 24-foot vessel still operates with its original hull. The steering wheel is original. The distinctive yellow paint dates back to 1997, having received only occasional touch-ups since.

It’s estimated the tow boat has responded to 11,750 jobs and operated for just under 30,000 hours of towing. (more…)

03/12/19 4:30pm


Early Sunday morning I texted a map showing projected snow totals across Long Island to my colleague Bob Liepa, our paper’s sports editor.

“Has there ever been a year where it didn’t snow right as spring sports start?” I asked.

He responded: “I can’t remember one.” (more…)