02/16/19 3:00pm


“Silent Spring,” by Rachel Carson, published in 1962, is acknowledged as instrumental in the creation of the modern environmental movement.

What isn’t fully realized, however, is the role of folks from this region, and a lawsuit with as its lead plaintiff the great environmentalist from Suffolk County, Robert Cushman  Murphy, in helping inform Ms. Carson of the threat pesticides pose to life. (more…)

01/27/19 8:00am

The entrance to the Gardiner’s Creek Preserve.

The lawsuit brought by the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, which would have crippled Suffolk County’s visionary and nationally heralded Farmland Preservation Program, is no more. (more…)

01/20/19 11:00am

COURTESY IMAGE There is a trend of young people leaving Suffolk County.

I was unaware of a problem that is hitting most Suffolk schools hard, although the Shelter Island School is holding the line — a declining number of students. (more…)

01/13/19 8:00am


The nicotine cabal is hard at it.

With smoking tobacco declining, the industry is promoting continued nicotine use by pushing electronic cigarettes and what’s called “vaping.” And Suffolk County, which for years has been a national leader in challenging the use of cigarettes, is taking on “e-cigarettes.” (more…)