12/07/19 11:00am


When the Long Island Power Authority sought a partner in 1998 to operate Long Island’s energy system, it selected what it —and many others — considered the best utility in the New York Metropolitan Area: Brooklyn Union Gas Company. (more…)

11/23/19 3:00pm

COURTESY PHOTO Congressman Lee Zeldin

With Election 2019 past and the blizzard of campaign signs that lined Suffolk County roadways mostly gone — thankfully — it’s Election 2020 that’s coming. The announcement last week by incumbent Peter King (R-Seaford) that he would not run for reelection in the 2nd Congressional District., which includes the southwest portion of Suffolk, heralds the election ahead. (more…)

11/16/19 3:00pm


Steve Bellone was reelected Suffolk County executive in the leading race in this year’s election in Suffolk. Mr. Bellone won, but the campaign he conducted was highly negative, the most negative I’ve ever observed for the position. And I’ve covered campaigns for Suffolk County executive since the 1960s when H. Lee Dennison was the first to hold the job. (more…)

11/09/19 8:00am


“Vaping is an example of big business and profits,” said Dr. William Spencer (D-Centerport) last week. He is the first physician to serve in the Suffolk County Legislature. (more…)

11/02/19 11:00am

Gardiners Island

I’ve been giving presentations about Gardiners Island at the East Hampton Library, Southampton History Museum and last week at the Suffolk County Historical Society Museum.

Part of the talk involves the pirate Captain Kidd, who in 1699 famously buried treasure on Gardiners Island, which is east of Shelter Island. Years ago, for a TV shoot on the privately held island that’s been in the Gardiner family for nearly 400 years, Robert David Lion Gardiner, its “16th Lord of the Manor,” brought me to the spot where the treasure had been buried. (more…)