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04/05/19 4:30pm


From the floor-to-ceiling windows, in every room of Esther Hird Hunt’s home, the view of Dering Harbor is breathtaking. But the first thing that catches the eye is a 9-foot-tall avocado tree growing in a large pot.

“My mother planted that avocado from a pit,” Esther said. “I took it over in the late 1960s and kept it going since. It must be more than 70 years old.”

Esther is the 95-year-old matriarch of a family that doesn’t part with things, whether avocados or islands. (more…)

03/29/19 10:00am


When I heard that location scouts have been casing Shelter Island as a possible filming venue, I figured casting professionals were not far behind. So I went straight to the pharmacy lunch counter, because everyone knows that’s where you go to be discovered. (more…)

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03/28/19 4:30pm

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO The seats were narrow and worn, but the vibe behind home plate at the Jays old stadium was so good.

Christopher Bohn is a stadium usher at the Toronto Blue Jays spring training park in Dunedin, Florida. On the concourse behind home plate, as the final game in that venerable old diamond went into the 6th inning, Mr. Bohn was getting a little misty.

“You’ll never get closer to a batter than this in a baseball stadium. I feel terrible about it,” he said. “You’ll never get closer than this to the game.” (more…)

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03/22/19 4:30pm

Dr. Bill Zitek

When Bill Zitek was growing up in New Rochelle, New York, a man named William Rodman Pell II came from Suffolk County every June to receive a fatted calf from the mayor.

The live calf was an annual payment due to the Pell family from the town under the terms of a land deal dating from 1689. (more…)

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03/15/19 4:30pm

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO Jocelyn Clapp Ozolins

Shortly after she graduated from the University of Michigan, Jocelyn Clapp Ozolins, the head reference librarian at the Shelter Island Public library, interviewed at Borders, the bookstore chain that got its start in Ann Arbor. (more…)