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02/14/19 8:00am


In 2017, when the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service needed live-in caretakers for a rocky, windy island off Australia’s southern coast, it limited the search to couples who could demonstrate that they had spent a lot of time together in a remote place, on the theory that such couples know a thing or two about getting along, and depending on each other.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife should set up a recruiting table in the IGA parking lot.

What happens to a couple in a place you can’t leave after midnight? For Valentine’s Day, the Reporter asked four Island partners what Shelter Island has meant for their relationship, for better or worse. (more…)

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02/07/19 4:30pm


Seventeen-year old Owen Gibbs is tall, so he’s used to looking down a lot. But these days he is looking ahead, to performing in the Shelter Island School spring musical, graduating and going away to college in the fall. (more…)

02/01/19 4:30pm

At a recent Town Board meeting, a draft of Shelter Island’s Mission Statement was discussed, and since the goals of clean water, responsible growth, maintenance and safety are hard to argue with, the board soon reached what Supervisor Gary Gerth called “a Kumbaya moment.”

A mission is something you intend to do, and a good mission statement guides the enterprise like a border collie bringing an unruly flock of sheep home. Many organizations have them, and too often they are a vaguely worded, forgettable series of sentences, written by committee, and subsequently forgotten. (more…)

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01/25/19 4:30pm

Jay Card Jr., outgoing highway superintendent, with one of the new vehicles purchased by the town during his tenure.

On a frigid day recently, Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr. was in his office at the Town Recycling Center, heading off problems, immediate and pending. (more…)

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01/11/19 4:30pm

Donna King, at home on Shelter Island.

Every year, Donna King looks forward to opening day of scallop season, when she goes fishing with her husband Wayne.

Her expertise in the culling, opening, cooking and freezing of our local bay scallops is so deep, you’d never know she grew up landlocked in the Midwest, and had never seen a scallop until 2009, when her kids were grown, her parents gone, and she was remarried. It was Wayne who brought her to Shelter Island, and she took to it. (more…)