08/16/19 8:00am


I was 11 when my father parked a brand-new Pontiac in our driveway. He named her Yvonne because he liked the way Yvonne LeMans rolled off his tongue.

On our first ride I sat on the back seat with my two sisters, bound for outer space. The motor sounded like the roar of a lightly-sedated tiger; the upholstery was clean and smooth. We rode around the block with my dad at the wheel, and my mother in the passenger seat. (more…)

07/27/19 8:00am

This crumble is great with any berries.

A crumble for any berry.

It’s a bear market. By which I mean when I go to the market, I behave like a bear; gathering berries with my paws, bringing them home to my den, and consuming them quickly and voraciously. 


Featured Story
07/26/19 4:30pm

Sara Mundy.

Sara Mundy grew up on Shelter Island, graduated in the Class of 2009, and spent the next decade studying and living in New York. She traveled around the world for work, including a European tour with a pop band playing keyboard and vocals. (more…)

07/19/19 4:30pm

Courtesy Photo

My dog Mabel is a canine archaeologist.

She’ll dig in the yard, stick her snout as far into her test-hole as she can shove it, snort violently, and then dig even more furiously. I think she’s on to something, because the archaeologists who dug up the yard at Sylvester Manor (“Uncovering the enduring past,” July 4) a couple of weeks ago were also having the time of their lives, and were as proud of the ring, spoon, pipe stem and miscellaneous other artifacts they found as Mabel is of that sharp brownish thing she had in her mouth. (more…)

Featured Story
07/05/19 4:30pm

Jean Dickerson.

Sometimes heaven is called “a better place” and by that definition, Jean Dickerson is in heaven.

She was born on Shelter Island in the house on Midway Road that she lives in today. “I sleep in the same bed,” Jean said. But she left as soon as she graduated from high school in 1959, and was a visitor until 1998, when she moved back for good. (more…)