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02/16/19 7:58am

COURTESY PHOTO Friends for life. Detective Brian Simonsen, left, and Sergeant Terrence LeGrady.

The weather was beyond miserable. By dusk on Tuesday, February 12, it had stopped snowing, but changed to sleet and freezing rain powered by strong winds.

Shelter Island Police Department Sergeant Terrence LeGrady was on duty that evening and had just stopped for his meal break.

“Somebody had a TV on and I looked up when a report came in that an officer in the city had been shot in Queens,” he said. (more…)

01/25/19 12:00pm


It was called The Pleasure Lounge, a sophisticated name for a 19th century barn behind a house off North Ferry Road. The venue was better suited to house livestock or store lima beans — two of its past uses — than host private and not-so-private parties fueled by gut bucket New Orleans boogie, friendship, communal spirit and other accelerants. (more…)

01/01/19 8:00am


The Poles wake up to what they say is a howling of kittens. The French greet the morning with a wooden mouth and a hair ache, while the Danes get carpenters in the forehead.

English speakers the world over call that mix of mortar-blast headache, queasiness, Sahara thirst, uncertain recollections of the previous evening – I didn’t, did I? – and a brooding sense of of guilt as simply a hangover. (more…)