09/08/19 8:00am

Courtesy Photo

The weather was perfect, in the mid-70s, no humidity, light breezes and blue-black skies above the lights of Citi Field.

I was where friends tell friends, “I’ll meet you at the Apple,” a plaza centered around the big red structure that once rose slowly beyond the centerfield fence of Shea when a Met hit a home run. Waiting for Dr. Z., who was running late, fighting traffic, I was the smart one, driving to my sister’s place in Queens, parking the car, and taking the 7 train to the ballpark. Getting onboard, I was already at the ballgame, with the train packed with Blue and Orange fanatics. (more…)

09/01/19 8:00am

Howard Jackson’s military identification card from 1944 when he was 19.

I got a window seat in the back of the plane with the aisle seat vacant. Taxiing out to a MacArthur Airport runway, I looked at notes I’d made speaking with nine Shelter Island vets in the waiting area on their way to Washington D.C. (more…)

08/19/19 12:00pm


From 2006 to 2012, manufacturers shipped 76 billion opioid pills to pharmacies nationwide. More than 3.3 billion were shipped to New York State during that period. Of that total, 345 million pills were sent to Suffolk County. (more…)

08/02/19 4:30pm

MARIAN ZAHRA PHOTO The sounds of Armenia filled the air at a recent gathering at the home of Rich and Marianna Tarpinian.

The tent guy was late.

And Rich and Marianna Tarpinian were really going to need a tent.

Fifty people would be arriving for the reunion, and the forecast for Saturday, July 20 was for a day hotter than the hinges of hell, with pounding sun and high humidity. (more…)