11/01/18 12:24pm

A panel discussion on the meaning of the First Amendment was held October 25 at the library. From left, Town Councilman Paul Shepherd, Professor of Law Thomas Schweitzer, Reporter Editor Ambrose Clancy, educator Barbara Barnes and journalist Gary Paul Gates.

The Shelter Island Library hosted a lively discussion on press freedoms on Thursday, October 25. 


08/03/18 2:00pm


Work long enough in journalism and odds are you’ll get to know a Jarrod Ramos, the man who killed five staffers of the Annapolis, Maryland Capital Gazette in their newsroom on June 28.

It’s a sign of the times that until that day, our Jarrods never took their threats to the ultimate, murderous conclusion. (more…)

07/06/18 10:00am


When I began my career in journalism as a sportswriter, I’d often engage in the same conversation with people. When someone heard I covered sports, they would excitedly inquire whether I covered the Jets or Yankees or some other professional team in New York.

It seemed like everyone’s initial assumption was that my life was spent hanging out with professional athletes, traveling the country and smoking cigars with A-Rod on a yacht. (more…)