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10/31/18 4:30pm


November is a time when Shelter Island quiets down and the season when calendars are marked for festive winter holidays. It’s also a time of deer/vehicle crashes, which those who have had the experience will tell you is nothing to look forward to. (more…)

01/30/15 4:30pm
Ambrose Clancy

Ambrose Clancy

I have a cold.

Yeah, I know, poor baby. That’s one symptom of a cold that has nothing to do with crankiness and Kleenex — the chance to play Poor Pitiful Me for a while. Or go the other way, and play Stoic He-man, rattling the windows with coughing that comes all the way from your toenails, spritzing small rooms with projection sneezes, only to answer alarmed questions of, “Are you all right?” with, “I’m fine, just a cold.”

Meaning, “Leave me alone, don’t bother me. Can’t you see I have a cold?” (more…)