07/13/19 11:00am

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Codger and Cur II were walking along West Neck Road the other day when they came face to face with a young woman powering toward them. Cur II took an excessive interest in her, which she handled coolly, leading to polite chit-chat.

Then Codger cleared his throat and said, “You know, it’s none of my business, but you might be safer facing traffic.”

She looked slightly baffled. “Why? I like to switch back and forth.” (more…)

06/30/19 3:00pm

Dr. Peter Kelt might not practice medicine at the Medical Center.

I must say that I was pretty surprised to see the front page headline in the June 13 Reporter that said, “Island Dr. rejected by Stony Brook for Med Center.”


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06/22/19 8:00am

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Work together
To the Editor:
It is incumbent on the supervisor and the Town Board to ensure the economic viability of our community. For a business to thrive on Shelter Island, it must overcome numerous obstacles out of its control; including competition from neighboring towns and the weather. I have met with several small business owners and they are extremely nervous, bordering on the pessimistic regarding their future. Long Island tourism is a nearly $6 billion industry and we must continually find ways to tap into that and compete. (more…)

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06/17/19 9:00am

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Opening the June 14 Town Board Meeting, Supervisor Gary Gerth asked residents who are upset that Dr. Peter Kelt won’t be part of the Island’s Medical Center when Stony Brook/Southampton Hospital takes over management on January 1, 2020, to call, write or visit him at Town Hall. (more…)

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06/13/19 4:18pm

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Some Islanders, upset that Dr. Peter Kelt will not be part of the Island’s Medical Center when Stony Brook/Southampton Hospital takes over management of the Island facility on January 1, 2020 (see story, “Island Dr. rejected by Stony Brook for Med Center,” June 13), have been calling and writing Stony Brook officials to voice their displeasure.

In response to the protest, Supervisor Gary Gerth released a statement to the Reporter Thursday afternoon:

“It is clear there is a great deal of well-deserved support on Shelter Island for Dr. Peter Kelt. For decades he has cared for the people of Shelter Island and is a friend and neighbor as well as a doctor.

“As supervisor, I have a great respect for Dr. Kelt, and hope that he remains here on the Island.

“Anyone who wants to express support can contact me at 631) 749-0015 or at [email protected].  I am asking that comments be directed to me or to the town and not to Stony Brook/Southampton Hospital.

“We are still in negotiations for their potential future takeover of the medical center and I would hate to see it lie empty because we drove away the best candidate to provide medical care into the future.”