02/04/19 10:00am

Island brains battle at last year’s Trivia Night

It seems that no matter how one prepares for the Shelter Island Public Library’s annual Battle of the Brains Trivia Night, the devious questions researched and proffered by host Bob DeStefano seem to elicit the same responses every time. Blank stares, grimacing and whispered “Rats! I know this! Why can’t I think of it? Ooh, ooh, how about ….” can be seen and barely heard from the teams of four trying to come up with the answer to each question and write it down within thirty seconds.


02/03/18 8:00am


This is the first winter in 60 years that my wife Anne is not at my side. Things are quite different — rather than say good or bad or better or worse, I prefer saying “different.”

I Googled the percentage of how many marriages last 60 years and the answer is 1 percent. So, in the marriage department, I did better than 99 percent. Of course, like all greedy people, I wanted much more time. But that’s not the way life goes. Everything ends, except life goes on. (more…)