03/26/18 4:30pm
Anu and John Kaasik, the Shelter Island lions Club People of the Year

Anu and John Kaasik, the Shelter Island Lions Club People of the Year

Pride of Lions
The Shelter Island Lions Club is an organization that is a beacon of hope bringing practical actions to bear to help the lives of Islanders of all ages, and especially for those in our community who are in need.

Each year the Lions crown a Citizen or Citizens of the Year rewarding those who have sacrificed their time and efforts to make Shelter Island a better place. This year is no exception, with the Lions announcing that John and Anu Kaasik will receive their most prestigious honor at a reception at The Pridwin Hotel on May 24. (more…)

Featured Story
03/23/18 4:30pm


As the hot August night wore on in the attic of the old house, she decided she couldn’t take it anymore.

It was growing more stifling by the minute and in the claustrophobic space made of rough boards, there was a squeaking sound of scurrying mice somewhere in the dark corners and moving across the floor. (more…)