02/17/19 8:00am


The neurologist recited Codger’s main symptoms: “Your hands are clumsy and you walk like Frankenstein.”

“Obviously,” said Codger, who had already reviewed his MRI with Dr. Google, “I will need a cervical spine laminectomy fusion.”

The neurologist sighed. “Unless you also plan to operate, I have an excellent neurosurgeon for you.” (more…)

08/19/18 11:00am


The Senior Center is planning a “Low Vision Program” for the fall.

Director Laurie Fanelli tells me that she’s working with the Helen Keller Services for the Blind to get the program set up here. It’s designed for individuals with a variety of age-related eye problems. (more…)

05/21/18 10:00am
A cute (and well trained) puppy is the way to go. STOCK IMAGE

STOCK IMAGE A cute (and well trained) puppy is the way to go.

I was pleased to hear from Senior Center Director Laurie Fanelli last week that she’s getting out of rehab after fracturing her hip. She said she’d be back at her office this week. Great recovery Laurie! You were missed at the Center and everyone’s glad you’re returning.

Laurie recently found herself in a predicament that’s all too common with seniors. She was walking her daughter’s dog when it pulled her down. An accident, and not the pooch’s fault, but a scary situation nonetheless. (more…)

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02/15/18 12:09pm


All working together
To the Editor:
Spring is in the air, although it’s only February, and summer must be just around the corner. How do we know this? The pro and the con proponents of the short-term rental (STRs) regulations are gearing up once again to argue the issues.

However, currently there is a lawsuit in federal court with motions flying back and forth that has both sides in a holding pattern until the legal action is settled (“Short-term rental suit blocks effort to repeal,” February 8). (more…)