10/29/17 11:00am
TIM PURTELL PHOTOS | Manhanset sweetgum tree.

TIM PURTELL PHOTOS | Manhanset sweetgum tree.

Latin Name: Liquidambar styraciflua

Locations: Three sweetgums stand tall at the edge of the Library parking lot. Four other trees, planted by Friends of Trees, can be found along Manhanset Road by Bonnie Lane. A sturdy specimen grows on the grounds of Union Chapel.   (more…)

10/10/17 12:00pm
TIM PURTELL PHOTO | American elm in the Heights.

TIM PURTELL PHOTO | American elm in the Heights.

Latin Name: Ulmus americana

Locations: The American elm is a rare tree on Shelter Island. One large tree grows in the Heights across from the tennis court and there’s another elm nearby on the ferry line road. There’s a nice specimen in Sylvester Manor to the right side of the entrance road as you approach the Manor. And three huge trees can be found on the sides of Baldwin, South Menantic, and Sunshine roads. In East Hampton, magnificent old trees line Main Street and other locations.   (more…)

06/02/17 10:00am
060117_TreeoftheMont_Tulip tree flower_TimPurtellphoto

TIM PURTELL PHOTO  The flower of the tulip tree.

Latin Name: Liriodendron tulipifera

Locations: A large, old tulip tree reigns close to Route 114 on the Havens House grounds. On Ram Island, a handsome specimen, donated by the Tuthill Drive Neighbors, grows at the entrance to Tuthill Drive. Three other trees — one between Chase Bank and Justice Hall, a second on Manhanset Road near Cobbetts, and a third on Burro Hall Lane across from the Recycling Center — were planted by Friends of Trees. (more…)