03/31/19 11:00am


Facing each other in the top election race this year in Suffolk County for county executive are the incumbent, Steve Bellone, seeking a third four-year term, and County Comptroller John M. Kennedy, Jr., who has served in various positions in Suffolk government for 33 years. (more…)

01/27/19 8:00am

The entrance to the Gardiner’s Creek Preserve.

The lawsuit brought by the Long Island Pine Barrens Society, which would have crippled Suffolk County’s visionary and nationally heralded Farmland Preservation Program, is no more. (more…)

12/31/18 10:00am

COURTESY IMAGE Janus, the Roman God of transitions.

Among the major events in Suffolk in 2018 was the midterm election which saw Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley), the two-term incumbent in the lst Congressional District, which includes Shelter Island, win re-election, but not by the margins he had won by before.

Also, Suffolk Legislator Monica Martinez of Brentwood became the first woman ever elected to represent Suffolk County in the State Senate. (more…)

07/23/17 8:00am
REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Farmers at work at Sylvester Manor. Executive Director Cara Loriz addressed the Irrigation Committee on the Manor farm's methods.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Farmers at work at Sylvester Manor.

“America has been losing over 40 acres of farmland every hour to development,” said the letter I recently received from the American Farmland Trust. “This land — the most fertile soil in the world — is irreplaceable and urgently needed to grow food. It’s a national disgrace on a catastrophic scale.”

With the letter was an American Farmland Trust bumper sticker: “No Farms No Food.” (more…)

03/06/17 12:00pm
BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO A farm field being irrigated.

BARBARAELLEN KOCH PHOTO A farm field being irrigated.

Suffolk County government is moving forcefully to appeal a judge’s decision seen as severely undermining the county’s Farmland Preservation Program. The government is also preparing new legislation to deal with issues raised in a lawsuit that resulted in the judge’s ruling. (more…)