07/05/19 8:00am

Jeffrey Sussman will discuss his latest book, ‘Boxing and the Mob: The Notorious History of the Sweet Science,’ at the next Friday Night Dialogues.

Here comes a big one-two punch. But this is a one-two punch to be enjoyed by all, since it’s coming from Jeffrey Sussman, described in the Huffington Post as “the strongest boxing author alive.”


08/25/18 11:00am

Island Bookshelf

SportsWorld: An American Dreamland

Whether you love sports or simply relish some of the larger-than-life characters in the world of sports, you are sure to have enjoyed Robert Lipsyte’s brilliantly written and insightful books and articles over the years. (more…)

01/20/18 8:00am
CHARITY ROBEY PHOTOS A cake — sort of — for Codger.

CHARITY ROBEY PHOTO A cake for Codger.

This is a big week for birthdays, including Martin Luther King Jr., Benjamin Franklin, Al Capone, Muhammad Ali, Edgar Allan Poe, Janis Joplin and last and certainly least, Codger, who will have to blow out the candles for all of them. (more…)