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12/09/19 4:30pm

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO Placing permethrin-soaked rollers onto a feeding stand of a 4-poster unit.

Debating the scheduling of meetings for 2020, the Deer & Tick Committee became entangled last week in what meetings might be vital because of changing strategies.

Police Chief Jim Read has been an advocate of fewer meetings than the current once a month schedule. (more…)

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08/14/19 2:00pm

Reporter File Photo

The Deer & Tick Committee won’t be recommending changes in its priorities when it comes to budgeting for 2020, putting considerably more money into supporting its 4-poster program than culling efforts. But it’s contemplating asking for about $5,000 more for culling than it sought in the current year’s budget. (more…)

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01/04/19 8:00am


The vote may not be official because of a lack of a quorum, but three members present at Wednesday morning’s Deer & Tick meeting voted to pay Nuisance Wildlife Control Officers (NWCO) for their licenses and insurance if they participate in the February and March hunt on the Island. (more…)

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12/12/18 10:00am

REPORTER FILE PHOTO A deer feeding at a 4-poster stand. brushing against a post treated with a chemical, permethrin, that kills ticks.

Should the Deer & Tick Committee stick to its plans for 2019 or make adjustments during the year? (more…)