09/18/19 4:30pm

Rosemarie Ryan-Dyett, Manor Executive Director Stephen Searl and Alyssa Bliss.

Sylvester Manor and friends celebrated the end of summer during its Harvest Moon Cocktail Party and Ferry Cruise on Sept. 14 aboard South Ferry.


02/08/19 8:00am

The Senior Center celebrated the Super Bowl with a party.

The Senior Center hosted a Super Bowl party last Sunday. Numerous snacks and good food were prepared by Giovanna Ketcham and her staff.

She started by passing around various vegetables with a creamy dip. These were followed by delightful deviled eggs and cheddar and apple slices. There was chili made with turkey and beef and plenty of beans. Twice-baked potatoes were an added treat. Different kinds of cupcakes were served for dessert.


12/19/18 4:30pm

This bread recipe is easy peasy and absolutely delish.

Breaking bread may bring people together, but baking bread seems to intimidate many home chefs. 

At least, that’s the response I get from others when I make this bread. Everyone always appears stunned that I whipped up a loaf of French bread so easily and that it’s so good. But it actually is really easy, just five ingredients and five easy steps, and voila! You’ve got a delicious loaf of bread that will impress and satisfy dinner party guests or that friend coming by for a glass of wine. 


09/15/18 3:00pm
STOCK PHOTO Ms. Zavatto’s new book offers Island-themed cockail recipes.

Ms. Zavatto’s new book offers Island-themed cockail recipes.

Not ready to let go of summer yet? September on Shelter Island can sometimes be a sweet dessert after the multi-course menu of June, July and August. Step out on the porch and enjoy a soft breeze while the sun still sparkles on the water. Before you do, though, pick up Amy Zavatto’s book, “Prosecco Made Me Do It,” and fix yourself a refreshing cocktail.