04/19/19 12:00pm

A burst of light and color along a wood fence on Route 114 in the Center.

A campaign has been underway by Supervisor Gary Gerth to assist owners of properties along Route 114 in sprucing up the Island’s main thoroughfare, which has some boarded-up stores and businesses that are operational but less than attractive. (more…)

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07/03/18 8:00am
AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO A 'bike route' but no 'bike lanes.'

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO A ‘bike route’ without ‘bike lanes.’

When summer ends, many riding on two or four wheels around Shelter Island breathe a little easier that no one has been killed or seriously injured on Route 114. And just as many travelling that stretch of state road from North to South ferries can recall some close calls. (more…)