11/16/19 3:00pm


Steve Bellone was reelected Suffolk County executive in the leading race in this year’s election in Suffolk. Mr. Bellone won, but the campaign he conducted was highly negative, the most negative I’ve ever observed for the position. And I’ve covered campaigns for Suffolk County executive since the 1960s when H. Lee Dennison was the first to hold the job. (more…)

10/06/19 8:00am


On Election Day next month, Tuesday, Nov. 5, the leading political contest in Suffolk County will be for county executive. The incumbent, Democrat Steve Bellone, is being challenged by County Comptroller John M. Kennedy Jr., a Republican.

County finances are the big issue. (more…)

06/09/19 11:00am


The Cuban Revolution caused Jesus Garcia to flee Cuba to the United States. His son, Jesse Garcia, raised in Suffolk County and having spent his life here, was just elected chairman of one of the historically powerful political organizations in the U.S., the Suffolk Republican Party. (more…)

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03/27/19 4:30pm

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Armed with information and not shying away from the controversy over taxation of septic grants, Suffolk County Environmental Projects Coordinator Justin Jobin spoke to a packed room at the Town Board work session Tuesday, determined to win over those reluctant to upgrade their septic systems. (more…)