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08/08/19 4:30pm


There won’t be another vote on Shelter Island’s short-term rental law (STR) — at least not in the foreseeable future — despite a charge that the law passed by the Town Board is “invalid.”

The charge came from Kathryn Klenawicus, a staunch foe of the STR law, who maintains the legislation is invalid because it is “materially different” from what was discussed at a public hearing on June 14 in advance of the vote. (more…)

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05/14/19 12:00pm

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The controversy over the short-term rental (STR) legislation takes many forms, with enforcing the law near the top of the debate.

The STR regulations have been on the books for more than two years, with a requirement that renters register with the town. (more…)

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04/19/19 10:00am


Starting over
To the Editor:
I am frustrated with the contradictions. Sometimes we are bragging about how Shelter Islanders have a sense of community, we look out for each other, we are proud of our autonomy, proud of our tourism industry, innovative with entrepreneurship to sustain that tourism economy, but then in the next breath, we are reminded about how to be a “good neighbor.” That our neighbors are to be feared, reported, and are abusers of the Island. (more…)

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06/28/18 8:00am


Town Attorney Bob DeStefano Jr. sought advice from the Town Board at its Tuesday work session about enforcing the short-term rental (STR) law.

While police can respond to noise complaints, Mr. DeStefano wanted suggestions on who should be handling calls from residents reporting their neighbors for renting their houses more often than the law allows. (more…)