03/23/19 3:00pm


Hope springs

We live in a cynical age.

And the reasons that have made cynicism the defining vice of the times are many.

A look at recent American history can be blinding with examples of misguided and hypocritical leaders, many who were once skeptics but crossed lines into the camp of the cynics. And this is the place to give three cheers to the skeptics, who will hold fire and weigh a situation, never acting on either naiveté or the certainty that most human situations will end in tears. (more…)

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03/20/19 12:00pm

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Island Presbyterian Church.

Representatives from Shelter Island Presbyterian Church, struggling to deal with a solution to the drinking water problems in their building, appealed to the Town Board at Tuesday’s work session for help in dealing with the Suffolk County Department of Health Services. (more…)

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03/16/19 11:00am

Supervisor Gary Gerth (left) received a check for $11,400 from the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation that will be used to pay for heating the bay where ambulances are parked at EMS headquarters. Mark Kanarvogel presented the check at Tuesday’s Town Board work session.

The bays where ambulances are parked at EMS headquarters often see temperatures of 56 to 58 degrees —  temperatures too cold to protect some medications and equipment. (more…)

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03/12/19 8:49am


Update: Since the Reporter posted this story earlier the Shelter Island Republican Committee completed its filings for 2016 expenses and contributions and has partially filed the same information for 2017.with the New York State Board of Elections. The committee had expenses of $$10,252.47 and contributions  of $7,360 for 2016. Numbers filed so far for 2017 show expenses of $4,811.54 and contributions of $5,010, but more numbers are to be filed for the rest of the 2017 data and for 2018, according to Amber Brach-Williams, party treasurer.

On Thursday, March 14, Ms. Brach-Williams said the party was completely up to date with its filings.

The original story is below. (more…)