11/11/13 11:02am

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO | The Town Board unanimously passed its 2014 budget Friday. From left, Councilman Paul Shepherd, Supervisor Jim Dougherty and Councilmen Peter Reich and Ed Brown. Not shown is Councilwoman Chris Lewis.

The Town Board unanimously passed a $9.5 million spending plan for 2014 Friday, November 8 that would pierce the state-imposed 2 percent cap on the tax levy and require $7.3 million from taxes. Taxes will go up about 5-percent over last year.

At a budget meeting Thursday, Supervisor Jim Dougherty called this year’s budget process “very good.” He praised his colleagues for their efforts, but said “it’s unfortunate”  the town will have to pierce the tax levy cap to meet expenses in 2014.

Before passage on Friday, Mr. Dougherty added that he and his colleagues had aged considerably during this budget season.

The town was forced to pierce the tax levy cap is due, at least in part, to last year’s takeover of the Ambulance Corps from the Red Cross, Mr. Dougherty said. At the same time, he praised the transition of that organization to the town.