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11/14/18 4:30pm

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Island School

Shelter Island School District officials are exploring a joint effort with East Hampton aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for students in both districts.

The  collaborative effort was  briefly discussed at Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting, with the hope of  helping students meet new standards and produce improved scores on standardized tests, according to Academic Administrator Jennifer Rylott.


10/08/18 4:30pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Shelter Island Library

Shelter Island Library

The Shelter Island Library is hosting a donation drive as part of The Great Give Back, a community service initiative created by the Suffolk County Public Library Directors Association and the Suffolk Cooperative Library System.

This year’s Give Back will give the donations to The Retreat, a local organization offering domestic violence services.

This year, the Give Back is requesting new/unused items including women’s and children’s pajamas, socks in all sizes, sneakers in all children’s sizes and gift cards for King Cullen, Rite Aid, Stop n’ Shop, CVS and Kmart. Donations can be made throughout the month of October.

The mission of the Great Give Back is to provide opportunities for the patrons of Long Island libraries to participate in meaningful, service-oriented experiences. The Retreat has been a safe haven for families in crisis since 1987 while providing domestic violence and sexual assault services and education to families, friends and neighbors on the East End. Their services include a 24/7 domestic violence crisis hotline, counseling, legal advocacy, a shelter, violence prevention education and other services.

05/24/18 8:00am
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Reverend Stephen Fearing

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Reverend Stephen Fearing

Codger is not religious, but since the era of Pastor Bill he has regarded the Presbyterian Church as a moral center of the Island, a house of good works. Stephen Fearing was 26 when he became the latest caretaker of that house and next month, at 30, he and his wife, Tricia, will be leaving for a new congregation in Lexington, Kentucky. (more…)