02/03/18 8:00am


This is the first winter in 60 years that my wife Anne is not at my side. Things are quite different — rather than say good or bad or better or worse, I prefer saying “different.”

I Googled the percentage of how many marriages last 60 years and the answer is 1 percent. So, in the marriage department, I did better than 99 percent. Of course, like all greedy people, I wanted much more time. But that’s not the way life goes. Everything ends, except life goes on. (more…)

Featured Story
10/05/15 4:30pm

COURTESY PHOTO Joe Sullivan is slated be on Wheel of Fortune next month.


When tasked with finding a creative way to promote their organization, most people host an event, hand out fliers or create social media accounts.

Joe Sullivan is not most people.

So when the part-time Southold resident and former owner of WBAZ radio in Southold was recently looking to draw attention to the Fordham University sailing team, he came up with a most unusual approach. He appeared on “Wheel of Fortune.” (more…)