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03/03/19 11:00am


New York Yankee Mickey Mantle announced his retirement from baseball after 18 years, citing persistent knee injuries; he is credited with 536 home runs.

James Earl Ray pleaded guilty to the murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

McDonald’s CEO Ray Kroc married his third wife, Joan Mansfield, who was a philanthropist and would later give away much of their money after his death.

Boston Center Phil Esposito became the first player in National Hockey League history to record 100 points in a single season.

The former USSR performed a nuclear test in Eastern Kazakh.

And on Shelter Island . . . (more…)

11/21/14 2:00pm


After spending the last two weeks in Winthrop Hospital with my wife, I understand that I may not be a doctor, but I can now understand words I never heard in my life.

While there, my mind frequently drifted toward a Shelter Islander who was as sick as anyone could be. A man who had a tragic accident, never complains or asks for help and has successfully and totally reinvented himself. (more…)

10/31/13 2:09pm

JULIE LANE PHOTO | The Town Medical Center on Route 114 may have new tenants.

Supervisor Jim Dougherty said Tuesday he met with a representative of Winthrop Hospital who said the hospital “was in active discussions” with Island Urgent Medical Care to take over some or all of the space at the Town Medical Center.

Mr. Dougherty said “this translates” into Dr. Peter Kelt and the doctor he recently hired for two days a week to possibly be open on Saturdays year round and have a third doctor involved.

At the moment “it’s just talk,” Mr. Dougherty cautioned.

The supervisor also said he’d heard “from informal sources” that there is a “private group” talking with Island Urgent about signing a lease at the Medical Center.

“From both sides I get the impression that Island Urgent Medical Care wants out,” Mr. Dougherty said.

Many residents have complained that the care provided at Island Urgent is inadequate, including complaints that it’s infrequently open and often unresponsive to phone calls.

Last October Mr. Dougherty said adequate medical service was not being provided by Island Urgent “as promised” when the company signed a lease for the front office space of the Medical Center.

Island Urgent’s president signed a lease with the town on April 6, 2010 with the agreement that the rent would be $1,600 a month plus an annual consumer price index adjustment.

The lease makes no reference to the required hours or days for a physician to be available.