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Ladies Day on the water

COURTESY PHOTO | On Sunday, August 17, The Shelter Island Yacht Club hosted a Ladies' Race aboard Herreshoff 12.5's. Pictured above are the happy crews.

COURTESY PHOTO | On Sunday, August 17, The Shelter Island Yacht Club hosted a Ladies’ Race aboard Herreshoff 12.5’s. Pictured above are the happy crews.

How do you win a sailboat race?

Ask Skipper Siobhan O’Connor and Niamh Hodkinson. The mother/daughter team came in first in two out of the three races held during The Shelter Island Yacht Club’s Ladies’ Race.

Race conditions were just about ideal on Sunday afternoon, August 17, with a steady breeze and sunny skies. Sailors used Herreshoff 12.5’s to test their skills.  The goal was to start well, sail a little bit faster than the others and sail to the places where wind, current and competitors would give you the advantage. Lynn King and Jane Kenney placed second overall, winning the second race of the day. Callie McCarthy and Diana Lawrence earned third place.

The Ladies’ Race is held in July and August and continues to welcome new racers.

It was a particularly exciting and successful day for Claire DeSanctis. While she has extensive race experience as crew, it was her inaugural race debut as skipper! Well done, Claire. Special thanks to Hannah Staples, Claire’s very competent crew and also to the Siegelbaum family who allowed Claire and Hannah to sail their boat, Little Dipper. Other participants included: Moira Moderelli, Jenny Andreasson Dona Bergin, Susannah Carrier, Toni Landry, Patricia Liddle, Genevieve Lynch, Aimee Mareneck, Ghis Mareneck, Kerry O’Leary, Lisa Reich, Heather Wolf and Lena Wolf.