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01/21/19 12:00pm

DON BINDLER PHOTOS The start of last night’s spectacular moon eclipse, leading to the revelation of the “Super Blood Moon.”

The “Super Blood Moon” eclipse last night gave Islanders a dazzling celestial display.

The lunar eclipse began at 11:34 p.m. and reached full eclipse at 12:34 a.m., when the moon appeared red. This is the last total lunar eclipse until May 2021.

See below for the progression captured by Don Bindler. (more…)

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01/21/19 8:00am

Among blood donors Thursday were members of the Lions Club newly formed youth group who call themselves Simbas. With their teacher and Lions Club member Peter Miedema (back left) are (standing) Owen Gibbs, Jaime Lenzer, Abby Kotula and Stephen Cummings and (seated) Lydia Shepherd and Jonas Kinsey.

Once again, Islanders showed their true spirit of cooperation Thursday, donating 48 pints of blood during the drive that took place at EMT Headquarters.


01/20/19 3:00pm

A Japanese Cedar on the Island.

Cryptomeria or Japanese Cedar

Latin Name: Cryptomeria japonica

Locations: Cryptomeria trees of various sizes are sprinkled throughout the Island. A smallish one grows to the right side of the Library entrance. I’ve seen a magnificent individual in a private garden on Cobbetts Lane and ten mammoth trees stand guard in front of a friend’s home on Linda Road.