03/18/18 3:00pm
The odoriferous stink bug. (Stock image).

Ode to the odoriferous stink bug. (Stock image).

When I mention this to people, everyone seems to have a stink bug story but not really a solution for getting rid of them. Maybe we need professional help with these armored creatures.

I first heard of them when I was supervising a study hall  on a warm May evening some 15 years ago. A student squished one with his foot and a very offensive acrid odor filled the room. A good way to disrupt a study hall — which was his intent.  (more…)

03/18/18 11:00am
COURTESY PHOTO | Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon in the 1942 film ‘Mrs. Miniver’ with the elusive rose.

COURTESY PHOTO | Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon in the 1942 film ‘Mrs. Miniver’ with the elusive same-named rose.

If you’re my age, you remember World War II — the day it began and the day it ended. But we also know that our memories are not entirely reliable. So I’ve researched the story I want to tell you as carefully as I could, but if any of you remember or know some more sources, do get in touch — call me, I’m in the book. And I’ll try to distinguish between what I think I remember and what the literature says. (more…)

03/17/18 11:00am


Speakers’ Corner near Marble Arch in London’s Hyde Park is, as the name suggests, famed for allowing anyone to pontificate on any topic they wish. Thousands have used the corner since its inception in the mid-19th century. Some, like Marx and Lenin, had profound things to say.

Most just ranted, making it the digital equivalent of Reddit. (more…)

03/15/18 4:30pm
Congressman Lee Zeldin

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley)

Because he thinks he has been poorly represented in Congress and the actions of the federal government have enormous impact on the future of the Island, Codger made the journey to the Dark Side last week to check out the Democrats who want Lee Zeldin’s job. (more…)