11/04/18 3:00pm


On election night 2016, Republican Suffolk County Chairman John Jay LaValle praised Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley) by saying he had gone to Washington, D.C., and become “a national TV star.”

It was fitting praise, considering the direction politics has taken under President Trump. It’s all about ratings. (more…)

10/26/18 12:00pm

On November 6, voters who are inclined to cast their ballots will go to the polls. Many thousands won’t bother to vote. There are many excuses people put up for not bothering to vote, but they are just that, excuses. In this democracy, the right to vote is the foundation of everything. Not to vote is to self-censor, to say you are a nobody and don’t care who runs the machinery of government and how your hard-earned money is spent. (more…)

10/18/18 12:00pm

Last week, buried inside a report released by the Trump administration, a startling prediction about climate change was made public. If nothing is done to put the brakes on rising temperatures, our planet could warm a staggering seven degrees Fahrenheit by 2100. That’s 82 years from now, easily within the lifetimes of current newborns and young children. (more…)