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Help us name the 2023 Shelter Island Reporter Person of the Year

Every year at this time we use this space to ask Reporter readers to nominate candidates for our Person of the Year issue coming in January.

With their heartfelt nominations, our readers have always played perhaps the most important role in the selection process. Last year they helped us choose from a wide array of worthy recipients, including public officials, educators and volunteers who ensure the Island community remains a caring place.

We’ve always prided ourselves on honoring people from diverse fields and all walks of life. We want to hear about people such as the teacher who went above and beyond to help you become a better student, or the business owner who never stops giving back to the community.

This town is stocked with residents who work tirelessly to make our Island special. We always have a growing list of people who are more than qualified to earn the Reporter’s highest honor. That list can never be too long.

We realize there are a great many people doing big things in their community who don’t seek the spotlight. As a result, the work they do is hardly noticed.

That’s who we’re talking about. We remind ourselves again of the American author and anthropologist Margaret Mead’s prescription on how to make a positive difference: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Do you know such a person? Let us know.

Nominations can be emailed to Staff Writer Julie Lane at [email protected]. Or just give us a call at 631-275-1859, to nominate your favorite.

Tell us why this person is deserving — and please be sure to give us your phone number so we can follow up.

All correspondence will be kept confidential, so the person nominated doesn’t even have to know you are singling them out. Nominations should be submitted before Dec. 7.

We plan to announce our Person of the Year in the Jan. 4, 2024 edition.