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10/20/18 6:00am

After the March 2 nor’easter, this view of Reel Point shows waves that have carved out extenisve sections, something Waterways Management Advisory Council Chairman John Needham called ‘alarming.’

The Town Board will cancel its next work session on Tuesday, October 23, to hear from representatives of the Army Corps of Engineers about the possibility that unit might tackle what could be a multi-million dollar project to create a breakwater at a distance from the eastern shore of Reel Point. (more…)

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10/13/18 8:15am

Supervisor Gary Gerth promises more cuts to his original budget.

Resident Donald Bindler challenged the Town Board  at this week’s work session to find enough cuts to hold 2019 spending to 5 percent less than the current year’s budget.

He said that since the Town Board started with a 16 percent hike in the 2019 initial draft, the board would likely “take a victory lap” if the spending increase were  down to 5 or 6 percent, but that would not be sufficient. (more…)

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10/11/18 6:00am

Highway Superintendent Jay Card Jr. and his secretary Debra Speeches made their case to the Town Board.

What started out as a 16.9 percent increase in spending for Shelter Island Town in 2019 has been whittled down to 12.4 percent in two Town Board budget meetings. But the work has just begun toward a final budget. (more…)