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11/14/18 12:00pm

The Congdons Creek bulkhead  must be repaired before it disappears altogether, according to Public Works Commissioner Jay Card Jr.

Police Chief Jim Read echoed an old saying at last week’s Capital Planning/Grants Committee meeting: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”


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11/06/18 10:00am

Resident Bob Fredericks told the Town Board last week it’s ‘ludicrous’ to budget without a firm handle of the town’s fund balance.

Islanders had an opportunity Wednesday to weigh in on the proposed $12.9 million budget the Town Board has crafted for 2019.

But one resident — Bob Fredericks from Hay Beach — wasn’t waiting until the official public hearing to let the board know he thinks more money could have been taken from the town’s fund balance to avoid having to raise taxes at all. (more…)

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08/02/18 8:00am


There has been a lot of talk about improving medical services for Islanders and visitors, Councilman Jim Colligan said at Tuesday’s Town Board work session, but the time has come for a meeting with the doctors who have offices at the Medical Center Building so  needs aren’t duplicated and services are extended. (more…)