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08/22/17 8:09am
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Chloe Kaye at Wades Beach Monday staring a the sun during the eclipse with special glasses.

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO Chloe Kaye at Wades Beach Monday afternoon staring at the sun with special glasses during the eclipse.

Islander John Kenney was a man on a mission, walking quickly through the parking lot at Wades Beach Monday around 2 p.m.

“I’m under orders,” Mr. Kenney said with a smile, on his way to meet his wife, Jane, to witness the eclipse. (more…)

07/07/17 12:00pm


Rockwell the dog (or a reasonable facsimile) was getting dangerously close to an explosive holiday this week at Wades Beach.

The nosy beast, according to Reporter cartoonist and artist Peter Waldner, who should know, will be surfacing in other surprising locations around the Island.

Watch this space in upcoming issues as we track Rockwell’s progress, all leading to the annual ArtSI studio tour scheduled for August 19 and 20.

For more information, visit artsi.info.

10/01/16 8:00am
 FILE PHOTO | Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley)

FILE PHOTO | Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-Shirley)

Now that town beaches are open again to old men and the dogs who own them, Codger and Cur are blissfully back on the sand.

Standing on Wades Beach of an early morning, gazing at Shell Beach in the distance bisecting the sea and the sky, Codger just wants to take root. Despite its own nagging issues of ticks, water and short-term rentals, Shelter Island seems cocooned from the turbulence beyond the waters.

Cur concurs.

But then there will be a flash in cyberspace and the ever-lurking bridge to the mainland reappears. This time it was a tweet from Lee Zeldin, who represents the Island in the 1st Congressional District. He wrote: “Suspect in custody. You are welcome Colin Kaepernick.” (more…)