Going once…going twice

There were only about 26 bidders at SISCA’s White Elephant Auction on Wednesday, January 20, but what they lacked in numbers, they more than made up in enthusiasm.

New member Ginny Rowland was high bidder for the afternoon with a $4 bid. Robert Strugats took his time entering the bidding, usually at the moment he could force it up another 25 or 50 cents. Good strategy, Bob.

Auction items were cleverly disguised to ensure an element of surprise when unwrapped, and ranged from Godiva chocolates to a hand-made belt of wooden discs crafted by Dorothy Zabriskie’s daughter Nan. All together the auction raised $63 for the SISCA treasury.

Jeanne Woods who has been the auctioneer since 2001, once again displayed an authority and zest for her calling to rival that of a professional at Christie’s. “Everyone pitched in and got involved,” she said proudly.

President Carolyn Willberg also welcomed Norma Edwards, a second new member. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 17 — a covered dish luncheon and sing-along led by Julius Manchise.

A special note of thanks to Joan Belaval, SISCA program co-chair, who provided the notes on which this report is based — MB.